The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast Episode 56. Brian & Kim Walker talking about the topic "From Storytelling to Brand Presence: How to Thrive in the Automotive Repair Industry with Chris Jones". Sponsored by Repair Pal.

From Storytelling to Brand Presence: How to Thrive in the Automotive Repair Industry with Chris Jones

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EPISODE: 056 – From Storytelling to Brand Presence: How to Thrive in the Automotive Repair Industry with Chris Jones


In this podcast episode, Brian and Kim interview Chris Jones, editor of Ratchet & Wrench magazine. They discuss their excitement about the upcoming Ratchet & Wrench Management Conference. Chris shares his interest in podcasting and video content creation, and they discuss the ease of incorporating video into podcasts using the abundance of modern streaming tools. They also discuss the passion and growth potential in the automotive industry and the importance of finding like-minded individuals and seeking coaching and consulting. The episode concludes with a discussion on the impact of brand presence on automotive repair shops.

Talking Points

Introduction and gratitude to sponsors (00:00:01)
The speakers introduce themselves, thank the sponsors RepairPal, and express excitement about the upcoming conversation.

Meeting for the first time in person (00:00:55)
The speakers discuss their first in-person meeting and how social media played a role in their relationship.

Chris Jones’ career aspirations (00:02:56)
Chris Jones talks about his career achievements and expresses interest in doing a YouTube show or live interviews.

Passion for the Automotive Industry (00:06:52)
The speaker discusses the passion and care that people in the automotive industry have for their work and customers.

The Importance of Community and Support (00:08:12)
The speaker talks about the sense of community and support within the industry, and how it can help shop owners feel less isolated and overwhelmed.

Powerful and Inspiring Stories (00:11:41)
The speaker mentions some of the impactful stories they have covered, including a diversity story, the journey of a shop owner named John Kerr, and the rebuilding of a company after COVID-19.

Importance of Brand Presence (00:14:00)
Discussion on how shop owners often overlook the impact of their brand presence on potential customers.

Personalized Marketing for Auto Repair Shops (00:15:17)
Exploration of the misconception that all automotive repair shops are the same and the importance of showcasing each shop’s unique personality and culture.

Restaurant Management Conference (00:18:50)
Information about an upcoming conference for shop owners and managers focused on education, networking, and improving shop management skills.

ChatGPT and its impact on editorial calendar (00:20:49)
Discussion on how the launch of ChatGPT impacted the editorial calendar and the use of AI in the industry.

Writing as a valuable skill for shop owners (00:23:40)
Importance of writing and communication skills for shop owners, with personal experiences shared.

Tips for learning copywriting (00:25:36)
Recommendations for shop owners to learn copywriting, including starting with simple writing and utilizing dictation software.

Writing and Editing Blogs (00:27:14)
Discussion about the process of writing blogs, the role of editors, and the upcoming blog-turned-class.

AI and Grammarly for Writing (00:28:22)
Exploration of the benefits and potential dangers of using AI tools like Grammarly for writing content.

Honor Your Processes (00:29:14)
The importance of focusing on processes and systems to achieve business goals, with a mention of implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).

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