Is Online Scheduling the Future of Automotive Appointments? with Steven Fafel

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EPISODE: 053 – Is Online Scheduling the Future of Automotive Appointments? with Steven Fafel


This episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast features guest Steven Fafel from AutoOps, an online scheduling tool that integrates with your shop management software. The discussion revolves around the benefits of a modern and engaging scheduling experience for customers and the importance of creating a frictionless scheduling experience. Auto Ops aims to provide an enhanced scheduling experience that sets shops apart and attracts more customers. This episode is sponsored by RepairPal.

Thank you to our friends at RepairPal for providing this episode. RepairPal’s Certified Network of shops are trusted by millions of customers each month. Learn more at

Talking Points

The Creation of AutoOps [00:01:23]

Steven talks about the creation of AutoOps, an online scheduling tool that integrates with shop management software.

The Importance of Integration and Customizability [00:03:00]

The conversation touches on the importance of integration, availability, capacity, and customizability in creating a frictionless scheduling experience.

Enhancing the Scheduling Experience [00:06:04]

Steven discusses how AutoOps creates an engaging experience for customers by pulling their information into the tool and customizing reminders for drop-offs and waiters.

User Experience [00:07:55]

Discussion on the benefits of AutoOps’ integration with client information and the frustration of repetitive form filling.

Importance of Online Scheduling [00:10:45]

The importance of online scheduling for all ages and the ease of use for customers on a shop’s website.

Enhanced Customer Conversion [00:15:30]

AutoOps’ focus on enhancing customer conversion and the importance of providing the best opportunity for customers to schedule appointments.

Phone Skills and Online Scheduling [00:16:03]

Discussion on the importance of online scheduling in bypassing poor phone skills and providing a great customer experience.

Tracking Marketing with AutoOps [00:17:45]

The benefits of using AutoOps in tracking marketing all the way through the scheduling process to the sale.

Expanding Integrations and Future Features [00:22:10]

AutoOps’ current and future integrations with shop management systems and the upcoming feature of recommending declined work to customers.

Marketing Benefits [00:24:57]

The marketing benefits of using AutoOps, especially for shared Shop Marketing Pros clients.

Upcoming Events [00:25:46]

Auto Ops’ plans to attend popular events such as ASTE and AAPEX, as well as smaller events in Pennsylvania and Tennessee.


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