The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast Episode 51. Brian & Kim Walker talking about the topic "Growing to 50k YouTube Followers in One Year w/ Chris Enright". Sponsored by Repair Pal.

Growing to 50k YouTube Followers in One Year w/ Chris Enright

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EPISODE: 051 – Growing to 50k YouTube Followers in One Year w/ Chris Enright


In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, hosts Brian and Kim interview Chris Enright, owner of Enright Auto, about his success in using short-form video to build a following for his auto repair shop. Chris shares his process for creating content, his intended audience, and how he deals with haters and negative reviews. He emphasizes the importance of building trust with customers through video content and being authentic and transparent. The group also discusses successful auto repair video channels and the importance of keeping a shop clean for video shoots. Chris shares his advice for those looking to build a following through social media and encourages others to showcase their professionalism and expertise.

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Talking Points

  • How Chris got started with video [00:01:10] Chris talks about how he got started with video and his first video about his top ten recommended Hondas.
  • Chris’s most successful video [00:03:38] Chris talks about his most successful video that has 37 million views and how it features him using a heat induction tool.
  • Chris’s decision-making process for creating content [00:06:39] Chris talks about how he decides what content to create and his decision-making process for choosing the sound and content of his videos.
  • Creating Short-Form Videos [00:06:56] Chris Enright shares his process for creating short-form videos, including how he saves trending audios and records content throughout the week.
  • Intended Audience and Dealing with Haters [00:07:50] Chris discusses his intended audience for his tool and shop-related videos, including technicians, shop owners, and DIYers, and how he deals with negative reviews and haters.
  • Growing His Business Through Video [00:13:38] Chris talks about how his intention for creating videos was to grow his auto repair business, but it has now grown into its own business, including making YouTube ad revenue.
  • Building Trust with Short-Form Video [00:14:22] Chris Enright discusses how his short-form videos help build trust with customers and increase customer retention.
  • Time Investment for Creating Videos [00:15:08] Chris Enright talks about the time investment required to create short-form videos and how he dedicates time to scrolling and finding ideas.
  • Equipment for Creating Videos [00:19:06] Chris Enright shares his equipment for creating videos, including using only an iPhone and a wireless mic to improve audio quality.
  • Using the Right Sound Clips [00:22:25] Chris Enright talks about how he hacks the algorithm by following accounts that pay attention to what’s going on with the platforms and how he learns what the various platforms are looking for that are allowing his videos to perform better than someone who would not know these things.
  • Custom Thumbnails [00:25:50] Chris Enright explains how using one of the thumbnails that YouTube pulls performs better than your own custom thumbnail because it is the attention grabber that pulls new subscribers.
  • Type of Content that Works Best for Driving New Clients [00:26:26] Chris Enright shares that people are always willing to watch and look at behind the scenes stuff, interview style, and commonly asked questions. He also recommends being real and authentic and cleaning your shop.
  • Clean and Organized Shop [00:28:14] Chris Enright and Kim discuss the importance of having a clean and organized shop for auto repair businesses, and how it affects customers’ perception of their work.
  • TikTok and YouTube Channels [00:30:24] Chris Enright talks about the success of the TikTok channel “Royalty Auto Service” and the YouTube channel “South Main Auto LLC” in the auto repair industry, and how they create engaging content.
  • Future of Video in Auto Repair Industry [00:34:47] Chris Enright shares his thoughts on the future of video in the auto repair industry, and how it will become more prevalent as streaming channels lose customers to free platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
  • The Importance of Consistency [00:35:18] Chris emphasizes the importance of consistency in posting content and how it takes time to see results.
  • Female Representation in the Automotive Industry [00:36:20] Chris talks about the advantage of being a female in the industry and mentions a female mechanic with over 100,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Encouraging Positive Content [00:38:42] Chris encourages shop owners and mechanics to create more positive content to combat the negative perception of the industry.

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YouTube – Enright Auto on YouTube
Instagram – Enright Auto on Instagram
TikTok – Enright Auto on TiktocWebsite – Enright Auto

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