The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast Episode 46. Brian & Kim Walker talking about the topic "Your CRM May Be Lying To You w/ Justin Rae". Sponsored by Repair Pal.

Your CRM May Be Lying To You w/ Justin Rae

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EPISODE: 046 – Your CRM May Be Lying To You w/ Justin Rae


One of the biggest complaints we hear from shop owners is they don’t trust the numbers from their CRM. They have good reason for this. In the world of marketing, we refer to the connection of dollars earned to the marketing channels that produced those dollars as “attribution”. This week we talk to Justin Rae, founder of Cinch CRM.  Justin talks with us about attribution and his passion for creating accurate numbers that the shop owner can trust.

Talking Points

  • Attribution defined, and Justin’s history with creating trustworthy attribution
  • How long revenue be attributed to a single marketing action
  • Multi-channel attribution
  • The types of marketing actions can you give attribution to with a CRM

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