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EPISODE: 036 – Is Email Marketing Dead?


We hear it all the time and today we are here to dispel this untruth. Email marketing is alive and well. Listen in as we share why we believe that and how it can impact your shop.

Talking Points

  • October 5, 2021 – Do you remember last year when Facebook/Instagram went down?
  • Or on August 8, 2022 when Google Search, Maps, Drive, and YouTube went down. 
  • If you’ve got all your marketing eggs in the Facebook basket, or the Google basket, or worse you don’t even own your own website…. It would surely be nice to be able to send an email out to your customers. 
  • What about the day that Google wasn’t working?
  • What is the one thing you need to open an account for anything?
  • How do those organizations stay in touch?
  • How often are you checking your email inbox?
  • Email addresses are something you own. 
  • Great for slow-day marketing ideas.
  • Email marketing that’s not tied to a service reminder – the more educational, helpful types of emails. Something short and sweet and simple just to stay in front of your customer.
  • Showing up in their inbox.
  • Use your CRM! It’s probably got an email feature built in you are already paying for.

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