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EPISODE: 033 – Common Myths About RepairPal

Talking Points

  • Kathleen Long:
    • One of the hardest working women in auto car
    • A woman of action and impact
    • She’s a big believer in the value of mentoring
    • Has a glass-break alarming laugh 🙂 
  • RepairPal is setting/ limiting what prices I can charge to my customers with their estimator.
  • I don’t need RepairPal because I already have plenty of business and I get great marketing for free through word of mouth.
  • Online customers like the ones that come through RepairPal are just annoying price shoppers.
  • I have a relationship with my local CarMax store, so I don’t need RepairPal’s help.
  • Many consumers haven’t heard of RepairPal so they cannot really help me to increase my car count.

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