The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast with Brian and Kim Walker, Episode 31, titled "ChatGPT - Should You Use AI In Your Shop's Marketing?" Brian and Kim Walker are smiling and standing side by side.

ChatGPT – Should You Use AI in Your Shop’s Marketing

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EPISODE: 031 – ChatGPT – Should You Use AI in Your Shop’s Marketing


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence bot by OpenAI. Lots of things get called disrupters, but this truly is a disrupter. We probably need a stronger word than that to describe what this may do to our industry and many others. Let’s talk about using AI in your shop’s marketing.

Talking Points

  • What is ChatGPT
  • Other AIs (Jasper/Jarvis)
  • Does it just search the internet?
  • The ChatGPT User Experience
  • Should you use it in your marketing?
  • Weaknesses
  • How else it may be used in auto repair

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