Car Count Isn’t Your Problem

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EPISODE: 028 – Car Count Isn’t Your Problem


Today our guest is Chris Cotton, owner of AutoFix Auto Repair Coaching, and also host of The Weekly Blitz with Chris Cotton – which is also part of Aftermarket Radio Network

Most often when a shop owner starts seeking out marketing options they’re doing it because they perceive they have a car-count problem. There are certainly cases where that is true, but there’s more to revenue than car count. In fact, there’s much more to the success of a shop than revenue. Revenue definitely solves a lot of problems, but let’s talk today about some other ways to make your shop more successful.

Talking Points

  • Average repair order and profit margin need to be optimized before you try to fix a broken business with marketing.
  • What is your average estimate?
  • Your job as the shop owner is to drive processes and procedures.
  • Good marketing isn’t cheap and will not provide a return if you’re not maximizing the cars you already have.

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