4 Facebook Posts That Guarantee Engagement

4 Facebook Posts That Guarantee Engagement

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Here at 5 Stones we manage multiple social media clients spanning a variety of industries. Over the years we’ve learned that, although there’s no “secret sauce” to creating a viral post, there are some formulaic elements at play. Recently I’ve found success with a post-type that has traces back to the beginnings of modern social media—quizzes.

When crafting a social post, it’s important to put yourself in the seat of your end-user. What would it take to get you to stop scrolling and click “Like” or leave a comment? At face value, the idea of a “quiz” may appear amateur; save your reservations for later, though. That opinion will surely change once you take a peek at your Page’s insights.

Without further delay, here are 4 types of Facebook quizzes your fans won’t be able to resist…


Let’s face it, humans are competitive. We’ve all seen those deceptively simple math problems that garner 100’s of comments and spawn heated debates. Folks just can’t seem to resist showing off their smarts!


This one is quite entertaining, especially when it doesn’t go as planned. Invite your community to leave 2 word comments, each connected with the next, ultimately creating a story. Even if it doesn’t end up making sense, it’s always a fun read!


A housekeeper or a chef? Coffee or tea? Perpetual summer or winter? These types of questions are hard to scroll past and truly limitless in possibilities.


If there are two things most people enjoy, one of them is talking about themselves, and the other is animated GIFs. When you combine the two worlds into a Facebook quiz, social media magic happens. Prompt users to reveal where they’re from, when they were born, what their favorite song is, etc., commenting using only GIFs. The resulting discussion thread may cause some mobile browsers to crash, but the engagement is definitely worth it.

Of course, these are just a few simple ideas to get your creative juices flowing. There are so many unique ideas floating around out there, it’d be tough to cover them all!

Have you seen any clever Facebook quizzes lately? We’d love to hear about them! Feel free to drop us a line on any of our social accounts so we can keep sharing ideas. Until next time!