We’ve been planning for VISION for months and months. A lot of work went into the preparation for this week and, today, the end of VISION is here. It’s really bittersweet. It’s time to go home and put into place all we’ve learned, follow up with many people who are interested in doing work with us and, let’s be honest – getting a little rest. Haha!

We were greeted at breakfast with incredibly fun pancake flippers.  I didn’t even know that was a thing! I’m not much of a pancake for breakfast person but when you’re at VISION and they’re flipping pancakes…. You eat pancakes 🙂

Pancake breakfast at VisionKC 2019

The one moment I wanted to be sure to capture this VISION Kansas City weekend was a moment with my dear friend Sheri Hamilton. Sheri and I became friends and hit it off years ago when Brian and I owned Peak Automotive in Apex, North Carolina. Even though we’ve been out of the industry for some years, Sheri and I have remained in touch. She’s the most kind, compassionate person and I’m lucky to call her a friend. I’m so proud of you, Sheri, and your amazing team for your hard work, dedication and outstanding work. This industry would not be the same without you.  Thank you for all that you do! I hope that you get some well deserved rest.

Kim with the

I loved that at breakfast they replayed the video of the Automotive Facility of the Year for Schertz Auto Service. If you missed that video, be sure to look for it on the VISION Facebook page. It was a brilliant display of the camaraderie of the staff, the playfulness and personality and their clean, professional shop. Congrats Schertz! I saw the video at the awards dinner but seeing it again this morning was a great way to kick off the final day. 

One more class to go, then snow travels back home to Louisiana. My friend Greg Buckley with Buckley’s Auto Care taught “Must Have Video: A Powerful Way to Market, Educate, Explain, Profit”. Greg has been practicing what he preaches for many years. His YouTube Channel is an excellent testament to his experiences. What I loved most was his encouragement to utilize one to one videos. Literally using his phone to capture video explanations that he sends to his customers. He’s not discussing pricing, etc  he’s just showing the problem and being transparent with his customers. Greg, I loved your class! Keep teaching, sir!

Greg Buckley teaches on using video as a customer service tool for your auto repair shop.

Now, on to Louisiana. Our team members Larshell and J.R. are flying back home today but Brian and I are driving. I’m a little nervous about it, but Brian is confident and I trust him 🙂 Y’all this cold weather and snow is not compatible with my body. I was designed to live as close to the equator as possible. 🙂 If you’ve been following my blogs, I’d like to ask you to ‘like’  our Facebook page and stay in touch with us.

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In addition to being co-owner of Shop Marketing Pros, Kim is a Master Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact and a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Kim is a past shop owner and has served as President of ASA North Carolina.