Could a day possibly start any better? I mean VISION Hi-Tech Expo and Training did not disappoint when they rolled out the donut wall. Yes, I said donut wall. Let’s just chalk that up to amazing, can we agree? 🙂 Honestly, I did pass on the donut wall – though, truth be told – I’m not sure I’ll have the same willpower as I did this morning. I started my day with a good CrossFit workout in the hotel gym and then saw the donut wall. People were amazed and it prompted some really fun conversations. I had the bagel instead – it was still carb heaven!

From there, I had the honor of spending time with our good friend Carm Capriotto, otherwise known as Remarkable Results Podcast. Carm and I reminisced about his early days of the podcast and how I was one of his earliest adopters. Carm is doing a phenomenal job! He is shaping and elevating our industry of professionals. Thank you, Carm, for all you’re doing! We recorded a podcast discussing StoryBrand and how the framework can change how shops are doing their marketing.

VISION Donut Wall
Kim Walker and Carm Capriotta
Shop Marketing Pros team

I then spent some time hanging out with our amazing Shop Marketing Pros team: Larshell & J.R. Shop Marketing Pros is a division of 5 Stones and we still have an amazing team back at our office doing amazing things for our clients while we are here. J.R. has been knocking out some great VISION videography while Larshell has been handing the social media for VISION this year. If you love what you’re seeing on social for VISION, well, that’s our girl Larshell tearing it up! I’m so proud of the team we have and love everything about them and all they do. We could not do what we do without all of them!

Storybrand Class Prep

From there it was time for lunch and for me to get ready to teach my class. I am incredibly grateful to Sheri and Jerry and the entire VISION team for really taking care of their trainers. They had a “Trainer Ready Room” for us so I stopped in there today to get some work done, spend some quiet time and get ready for my class at 1:00 PM.

I’ve been training for a long time and people ask me all the time what I do to get ready. Well, training, teaching, presenting – those are all things I really love (I mean, really love) to do. So honestly, I don’t really have a ‘get ready ritual’. I don’t get nervous anymore. I just love it! Today was no different. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide I presented the class, “How to Use the StoryBrand Framework to Clarify Your Message”. After being out of the automotive industry for several years it felt amazing to be “back home” with our old friends. We have met some incredible new friends in the automotive world here at VISION.

Kim teaching at VISION

My class went incredibly well (well, at least I think so!). I am looking forward to the speaker evaluations because I want to always do my best, provide valuable content and connect with people. Thank you to those who took my class today. I loved every minute of it!

After class, well, let’s be honest, we noticed a mistake on one of our postcards that we were giving away. It encouraged people to visit to gain free access to an incredible list of automotive related special days of the year to focus on in their social media.

Kim teaching at VISION

The guide we put together came full of ideas, graphics and more. The problem: the address on our card was incorrect. Sigh! Give me a break – this is real life. So what did we do? My husband is a genius and he jumped to solve the problem. Brian bought the incorrect domain and had our correct domain point to it 🙂 So, problem fixed. You can go to that one or the correct one which is and BOOM sign up and you’ll receive free our automotive related special days of the year to use on social media. (It’s a really fun document – I know, because I did it. Hahaha! So, go sign up!)

Shop Marketing Pros booth at VISION

So, since I was teaching Brian had to spend his time setting up our Expo booth (#431 – come see us!). After my class, I got to go see it. We have put in an enormous amount of work getting VISION ready. I really love our booth. It is warm, friendly and inviting. Oh, and cozy – did I mention that? I’m very proud of it and am excited about being there tomorrow! Come by and see us – we’re giving away a Gimbal! If you don’t know what that is – look it up. I promise you that you want one! You do, I’m telling ya!

Kim and Brian at VISION

As we were walking out of the expo area, Brian and I noticed our name on the Sponsors wall. Well, we had to stop to goof off and be proud of our sponsorship 🙂 So, what does any marketing loving couple do? Grab a silly boomerang!

VISION Speakers

To end our day we wrapped it up by going to one more event. As a speaker we were invited to attend the inaugural meeting of the automotive industry trainers. That was a very interesting meeting and one we were happy to be invited to participate in. If you’re a shop owner, trust me when I say the people in this room care A LOT about you and your success. I left inspired by the group in that room.

Y’all (sorry, I’m from Louisiana and we say that a lot), by this time it was 8:00 PM. And I don’t know about you, but Kim gets hangry quick. Brian knew he needed to feed me so we stopped in at the Sheraton Restaurant. It was so encouraging to see so many automotive repair professionals networking, hanging out and spending time together. As we sat down for dinner and invited our new friends Kim & Rob Auernheimer with CS Automotive in Brentwood, TN to join us. We had a really wonderful conversation getting to know them. I encourage you that when you want to just clam up into your shell and retreat remember where you are. You’re at VISION. You can clam up at home. Tonight, invite someone to dinner. Get to know them better and make the best of your night!

For now, goodnight VISION. Tomorrow is Friday and is surely going to be a great day! I’ll recap my day tomorrow, too and hope to see you, meet you and get to know you also!

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About The Author

Kim Walker

In addition to being co-owner of Shop Marketing Pros, Kim is a Master Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact and a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Kim is a past shop owner and has served as President of ASA North Carolina.