Using Marketing to Attract New Team Members

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EPISODE: 005 – Using Marketing to Attract New Team Members


It feels like every shop in the country is looking for a new tech or service advisor. There is no silver bullet to hiring, but most shops are so bad at it that it’s easy to get a leg up on your competition. In this episode, we talk about how the same marketing you are doing to attract new clients can also attract new team members. We tell you what you need to be promoting that you’re probably not, and how to build a careers page on your website that will be so much more effective.

Talking Points

  • What we know: 
    • Good techs already have jobs! Are you showing up where they are or are you posting where they’re not going?
    • Pay is not always the most important thing!
  • We don’t know: have you surveyed your team? Why are they staying? What brought them to you? Ask them what they see other shops doing that might attract them there.
  • “Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson
  • Our tech recruitment guide is free on our website!
  • Have you listened to our podcast with Carm? “Social Media Marketing to Technicians” RR 665
  • Your marketing is not just for customers anymore! It’s where future team members learn about your shop and decide if the grass looks greener.
  • What does your marketing say about your company culture?
  • We love what Simard Automotive does when recruiting. They’re in Alaska so they did a campaign showcasing the beauty and reasons to move to Alaska!
  • Pivot your marketing. Showcase company culture, team, community involvement, reviews (customers and employees), respond to reviews
  • Your Careers Page – what you need on it!
    • Video – Patrick Egan at Spark Interactive
    • Pictures showing your company culture (photo gallery)
    • Core Values
    • Employee testimonials
    • Benefits of working at your shop.
      • Do you have A/C?
      • 4 day workweek?
      • What equipment do you have?
      • Do you take your team to training events?
      • THEN the things like salary and benefits.
    • A place for people to apply when you’re not hiring

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