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EPISODE: 086 – Naming Your Auto Repair Shop

Our first auto repair shop was named “Behind the Star”. That may make you want to stop listening right now as we clearly had no idea what we were doing. But if we learn from our mistakes, we have a more comprehensive education than most! Through the years as we’ve worked with many different clients, we’ve seen just about every problem a business could have with a name. In this episode, we share some things you’ll want to think about when naming an auto repair shop.

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Naming Your Auto Repair Shop (00:00:10)
Discussion about the importance and considerations when naming an auto repair shop.

The Story of Naming Their Shop (00:03:14)
Personal anecdote about the process of naming their auto repair shop and the challenges they faced.

Putting a Particular Service in the Name (00:08:00)
Advice on the potential pitfalls of including a specific service in the name of an auto repair shop.

Using Street Names in Business Name (00:11:52)
Considerations and examples of using street names in the business name, including potential challenges.

Using Your Name in the Business (00:13:58)
Discussion about the implications of using personal names in the business name and potential future challenges.

Confusing Names and Search Engines (00:15:01)
Using names that confuse search engines and examples of real-world consequences.

Creative Naming and Spelling (00:16:14)
The pitfalls of overly creative or misspelled business names and their impact on searchability.

Spelling and Pronunciation (00:18:18)
The challenges of hard-to-spell or hard-to-pronounce names, with specific examples from Louisiana.

Domain Name Considerations (00:20:27)
Tips for choosing a domain name, including avoiding confusion and competitor-related issues.

Competitor Domain Names (00:24:26)
The importance of checking closely related domain names to avoid confusion with competitors.

Final Remarks and Contact Information (00:25:30)
Summarizing the naming considerations and promoting engagement with the podcast and sponsor.

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