How to Know When You’re Not Ready for Marketing

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EPISODE: 077 – How to Know When You’re Not Ready for Marketing

In this podcast episode, Brian Walker and Kim discuss the importance of being ready for marketing in the context of auto repair businesses. They highlight four signs that a business may not be ready for marketing, including a high comeback rate, poor phone skills of service advisors, low Average Repair Order (ARO), and low or no profits. They stress the need to address these issues before focusing on marketing and business growth. They also discuss their experiences with clients and the importance of ensuring a good fit before starting a working relationship. 

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Fixing the cars first (00:03:58)
Discussion on the importance of fixing cars with precision and expertise before investing in marketing.

Reducing comeback rate (00:04:06)
Exploration of the negative impact of high comeback rates on reputation and marketing efforts.

Customer acquisition cost (00:05:01)
Explanation of the expenses involved in acquiring new clients and the need to create loyal, long-term customers.

Tracking Comebacks and Acceptable Rates (00:06:30)
Discussion on tracking comeback rates and the acceptable percentage, and the importance of fixing problems if the rate exceeds 5%.

Handling Comebacks and Customer Reviews (00:08:04)
The significance of handling comebacks appropriately to avoid negative reviews and word-of-mouth, and the impact it has on the business.

Investing in Service Advisor Phone Skills Training (00:10:02)
The importance of investing in training for service advisors’ phone skills before increasing marketing investments, and the need for shop owners to be aware of their advisors’ performance on phone calls.

Improving Phone Skills and Service Advisor Training (00:12:35)
Discussion on the importance of fixing phone skills and training service advisors before increasing call volume.

Importance of Average Repair Order (00:13:13)
Explanation of average repair order (ARO) and the significance of having a high ARO for profitability.

Challenges of High Car Volume and Low ARO (00:14:37)
Discussion on the challenges and potential mistakes that can arise from having a high car volume and low average repair order, including the need for additional service advisors and time constraints.

Qualifying clients and ensuring a good fit for the team and return on investment.

The importance of client engagement and follow-through for successful marketing strategies.

Encouraging audience participation and inviting questions for future podcast episodes.

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