Security Strategies for Safe and Sound Marketing

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EPISODE: 074 – Security Strategies for Safe and Sound Marketing

In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, host Kim Walker and her team at Shop Marketing Pros discuss the importance of marketing security. They provide tips on securing marketing assets, managing passwords, verifying identities on platforms like Facebook and Google, and identifying spam and scams. They also emphasize the importance of knowing who has access to your accounts and regularly reviewing this access. The team encourages shop owners to be proactive in securing their digital assets.

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Account Access and Security (00:05:27)
Discussion on the importance of being the primary account holder for your website, email, and Google listing, and the potential issues that can arise if you don’t have access.

Different Types of Access in Facebook (00:06:53)
Explanation of the different levels of access in Facebook’s business manager, including partial access for specific tasks and full access that allows partners to act as page owners.

Assigning Access to Facebook and Instagram Accounts (00:08:23)
Further discussion on assigning partial or full access to team members, marketing agencies, or other partners for Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The importance of owning your Facebook page (00:08:29)
Discussion on the importance of being the owner of your Facebook page and how to assign different accesses.

Properly storing passwords (00:11:02)
Discussion on different methods for storing passwords, including using Google, writing them down, and using password management tools like LastPass.

Benefits of LastPass for password management (00:12:10)
Discussion on the features and benefits of using LastPass, including the ability to store and share passwords securely, organize passwords in folders, and access passwords on both browsers and mobile devices.

Identity Verification on Google Ads (00:19:05)
Discussion on the requirement to verify Google Ads accounts with documentation and ID to eliminate fake advertisers and ensure legitimacy.

Google Business Profiles Verification (00:22:24)
Exploration of the verification process for Google business listings, including submitting documentation and a video of the shop’s interior and exterior.

Importance of Security and Password Management (00:15:45)
Emphasis on the need for strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and the use of password managers like LastPass for enhanced security.

The Google Business Profile (00:23:41)
How to find and claim a Google Business Profile for a business, including ownership access and management access.

Facebook Ownership and Levels (00:26:19)
The different levels of ownership and access on Facebook and Instagram, including the importance of having a meta business account and a business manager.

Facebook Ownership Dispute and Resolution (00:29:06)
The process of resolving ownership disputes on Facebook, including submitting proof of business ownership and working with Facebook support.

The security levels of Facebook accounts (00:32:46)
Discusses the different levels of access on Facebook accounts and the importance of being cautious with granting admin privileges.

Securing personal Facebook profiles (00:34:43)
Provides tips on securing personal Facebook profiles, including setting friends list to private and enabling two-factor authentication.

Identifying spam and scams on Facebook and Google (00:37:49)
Explains how to recognize and handle spam and scams on Facebook and Google, specifically related to fake messages, emails, and ownership requests.

Spam and Scam Emails for Google Business Listings (00:38:10)
Discussion on how to identify and handle spam or scam emails related to Google Business listings.

Renewal Spam for Domains (00:39:52)
Advice on recognizing domain renewal spam and clarifying that legitimate domain providers will not send paper mail for renewal.

Facebook Spam and Scams (00:42:05)
Explanation of the changing tactics used by scammers on Facebook, including fake messages from Facebook support and misleading product-related messages.

Recognizing and handling marketing spam on Facebook (00:45:54)
Tips on identifying and dealing with spam messages and fake reviews on Facebook.

Beware of fake notifications from Facebook (00:46:43)
Warning about fake notifications regarding disabled pages and how to differentiate them from genuine notifications.

Importance of paying attention to domain and SSL certificate emails (00:51:15)
Emphasizing the need to be aware of domain and SSL certificate expiration emails to prevent website downtime and loss of trust.

Checking your spam folder (00:52:16)
Importance of checking your spam folder for legitimate emails that may have been filtered incorrectly.

Regularly reviewing access to accounts (00:53:16)
Importance of regularly reviewing access to accounts, especially when switching marketing companies or hiring/firing new people.

Closing remarks and podcast information(00:54:57)
Closing remarks, including information about other shows on the network, joining the Facebook group, and contacting the podcast team.

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