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EPISODE: 065 – Stop Stopping

Some years back I took part in a boot camp for businessmen where they physically and mentally beat us down. My big takeaway was to “stop stopping”. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about marketing, coaching, growing a business, learning, dieting, working out, or whatever. We all need to stop stopping.

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Stop Stopping (00:00:01)
Brian introduces the topic of “stop stopping” in business growth and shares personal experiences from a boot camp for executives.

The Roller Coaster of Marketing (00:02:04)
The challenges of marketing for a local agency and the negative impact of starting and stopping marketing efforts.

The Importance of Consistency (00:03:44)
The need to stop stopping in various aspects of business, including marketing, inspections, and tracking KPIs.

Stop Stopping (00:08:56)
Brian discusses his struggle with weight loss and the importance of not stopping in order to achieve better results.

Keep Going (00:09:48)
The need to continue taking action in business and not stopping in order to achieve growth and success.

Scaling Back (00:10:40)
Brian suggests various strategies for handling an overwhelming amount of business, such as raising prices, expanding the shop, or opening a second shop.

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