How Do I Find The Right Keywords For My Repair Shop’s Website?

You can have the best website in the world but if people can’t find it when searching for the services you provide, it’s pointless. We all know the main terms people search for when looking for an auto repair shop, and every generalist shop wants to rank number 1 for the term “mechanic near me”, […]

2 Things Auto Repair Shops Should Be Talking About Right Now

2 Things Auto Repair Shops Should Be Talking About Right Now with Shop Marketing Pros in Hammond La, blog title text in white with "Right Now" bold, with SMP white logo over blue overlay color on top of image of gas pump at service station

Prefer to listen? Use the player to listen or read below. As I write this article it’s March of 2022 and Russia has invaded Ukraine. You’re probably already asking yourself what this has to do with marketing an auto repair shop. Well, there are a couple of things you need to be talking about in […]

Two Major Ways Marketing a Euro Shop is Different

Two Major Ways Marketing a Euro Shop is Different text over image of silver Mercedes Benz car with Shop Marketing Pros

People will tell you that “marketing is marketing is marketing.” That may be true when it comes to the fundamental techniques you use. When it comes to the subtle differences that will make or break your marketing, they couldn’t be more wrong. Euro shops are different. They typically have a very different “feel” when you […]

Why Your Forms Are The Most Important Part Of Your Website

Why Your Forms Are The Most Important Part Of Your auto repair Website with Shop Marketing Pros text on background with blurbs of branded blue and green colors

When it comes to a website, people tend to pay a lot of attention to things like its aesthetics, certain info being “above the fold,” the pictures, colors, and the logo. ALL of these things are important. But the one thing we never have new clients talk to us about is the forms. The funny […]

Hiring Auto Repair Shop Technicians in the Digital Age

Hiring Auto Repair Shop Technicians in the Digital Age with Shop Marketing Pros image with blog title text, design aspects in blue and aqua blue with a "Now Hiring Technicians (Desperately) sign hanging on glass door of auto repair shop

“We’re in desperate need of a new technician.” This is an obstacle almost every one of our clients has faced this year. The truth is, good auto repair techs are hard to come by, and the even sadder truth is that the hiring shortage our country has faced this year did not help. Most great […]

12 Days of Christmas: Marketing Edition

12 days of Christmas Marketing Edition text with Christmas trimmings on left and right of text

There are so many translations of what the “12 Days of Christmas” really means, where it came from and how it’s used. For the purpose of this blog, we just want to have some fun and share some ideas for you to use in your auto repair shop marketing for the month of December. Stick […]

Fender Covers Protect More Than Paint

Fender Covers Protect More Than Paint in your Auto Repair Shop with Brian Walker of Shop Marketing Pros, holding up an image of fender covers with the text of the blog As a marketing agency specializing in marketing auto repair shops, we have to over-analyze everything we put out there for our clients.  We constantly ask our clients to send us pictures and videos of what’s happening in their shop. We’ll often get pics or videos from one of our shop owners, and they or […]

Should you hire a professional to photograph your auto repair shop?

smp-blog-should-you-hire-a-photographer text with SMP logo and close up of photographer hand holding camera

The Short Answer Is: Yes. But let’s talk about it a little in-depth. Although many people scoff at the cost of good, professional photography, it’s probably one of the best and most cost-efficient investments you’ll ever make in your business. People always say to “never judge a book by its cover,” yet everyone almost always […]

How To Attract High-End Clients

How To Attract High-End Clients with Shop Marketing Pros image of text with color blobs and a mercedes G Wagen in the background

A common question we get when working with our clients is “What can we do to attract high-end clients who will spend money and actually take care of their cars?” This isn’t one of those questions I can answer with a “do this thing, and this will happen” kind of answer. Attracting high-end clients requires […]

Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?

Are you speaking your customer's language? with Shop Marketing Pros in Hammond owner Brian Walker in blue polo shirt with arms crossed If You Want To Win Over The Search Engines, Talk The Way Your Customers Talk We were meeting with a new website client recently and talking through the pages that would be on the site. Our clients always know that they want a homepage, an “about us” page, a “contact” page, and usually a […]