Confession – I Haven’t Been Eating My Own Dog Food

Blog post title card: Confession - I haven't been eating my own dog food Today is July 21, 2021. I’m teaching a class at the MARS Conference just over a week from now. The class is on the topic of using video to connect with your customers. Something has really been eating at me, and that is the fact that I haven’t been doing the thing that I’m […]

Marketing Your Shop For Car Care Month

Marketing your auto repair shop for national car

If you’re an active shop owner in the automotive repair industry then you’ve surely heard that April is National Car Care Month. But what do you do with that? A lot! As a former shop owner, I couldn’t wait for April (National Car Care Month) and October (Fall Car Care Month) because it gave me […]

Going Live In… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Going Live In... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

If you’re a part of a business right now,  you need to make sure that your brand is the epitome of the three C’s:
Culture, Connection, and Customer Service. 

Why You Should Build Content on Your Auto Repair Shop’s Own Web Properties

Why You Should Build Content on Your Auto Repair Shop's Own Web Properties

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube make it easy to reach your audience for free; but it would be a mistake to trust all of your marketing efforts to these platforms alone.
These 3rd-party platforms, as they’re called, offer tremendous benefits as you look to grow your auto repair shop. But these platforms are rented land. They’re owned by corporations that have nothing to do with your shop.
In this article, we cover many ways you can invest in creating content and building web properties that are your own. Read along, listen to the audio version, or listen via Video.

How to Use Video in Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

How to Use Video in Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

I’m going to make a bold statement. There may not be a more effective way out there to do marketing for an auto repair shop than video. Understand, I believe in marketing using ALL of the foundational techniques, but video may be the most effective.