How To Respond To Customer Reviews Without Losing Your Head

How to respond to customer reviews (without loosing your head) with Shop Marketing Pros text sitting below an image of hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Prefer to listen? Use the player to listen or read below. Imagine yourself sitting there working. You’re in a happy mood and you’re getting things done! You’re busy, your staff is busy and you’re feeling like it’s a Friday afternoon. You go to check your email and you see a notification that someone has left […]

Working Keywords Into Reviews

Working Keywords Into Reviews with Shop Marketing Pros image of text with female hand using laptop with flowers in the background

Everyone likes to talk about how important reviews are for your auto repair shop, but they either don’t know or value the power of having keywords in your reviews. Yes, we get it, reviews are powerful. You want lots of them, and you want them to be good. That goes without saying. But all reviews […]