Radical Generosity in Your Gifting

Gifting has come very easy for me, but I understand how that is not the case for everyone. We all have our gifts and talents and gifting is one of mine! Being born to teach, connect, and serve I’ve found gifting to be natural for me. While we have our Core Values solidly in place as our […]

2 Things Auto Repair Shops Should Be Talking About Right Now

2 Things Auto Repair Shops Should Be Talking About Right Now with Shop Marketing Pros in Hammond La, blog title text in white with "Right Now" bold, with SMP white logo over blue overlay color on top of image of gas pump at service station

Prefer to listen? Use the player to listen or read below. As I write this article it’s March of 2022 and Russia has invaded Ukraine. You’re probably already asking yourself what this has to do with marketing an auto repair shop. Well, there are a couple of things you need to be talking about in […]

Help! There’s Road Construction In Front Of My Shop!

Help! There’s Road Construction In Front Of My Shop! text with Shop Marketing Pros SMP logo beneath it in blue blob with squiggly red arrow pointing to a construction cone with a DOTD white and black "Sidewalk Closed" sign ontop

We do not shy away from sharing our tragic road construction story. After all, it is part of us, our history, our present, and will forever guide our future. Sounds dramatic, probably so, but it is what it is! When Brian and I owned our auto repair shop in Apex, NC we found ourselves right […]

How Auto Repair Shops Can Show Employee Appreciation

How Shops Can Show Employee Appreciation text on Shop Marketing Pros green postcard, person's thumb and index finger showing holding the card and SMP branded color blurbs in background

Appreciation. It’s a simple but profound and important word. It’s defined as… “recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something” That alone deserves a pause. Stop and reflect on the meaning of “appreciation” before you start brainstorming ideas. When you put pen to paper and make your list of things you can do […]

12 Days of Christmas: Marketing Edition

12 days of Christmas Marketing Edition text with Christmas trimmings on left and right of text

There are so many translations of what the “12 Days of Christmas” really means, where it came from and how it’s used. For the purpose of this blog, we just want to have some fun and share some ideas for you to use in your auto repair shop marketing for the month of December. Stick […]

Planning a Trunk-or-Treat for Your Auto Repair Shop

Planning a Trunk-or-Treat for Your Repair Shop with Shop Marketing Pros; image of blog title with a little girl in a rainbow unicorn halloween costume standing in front of a decorated trunk

It’s October and that means two things: pumpkin spice + Halloween. No, like, really.  While it’s surely a cool treat to add pumpkin spice coffee to your snack area in the waiting room, I want to help you plan a really fun event for your community that will bring new folks to your auto repair […]

Fender Covers Protect More Than Paint

Fender Covers Protect More Than Paint in your Auto Repair Shop with Brian Walker of Shop Marketing Pros, holding up an image of fender covers with the text of the blog

https://youtu.be/kkyEPh_4RcM As a marketing agency specializing in marketing auto repair shops, we have to over-analyze everything we put out there for our clients.  We constantly ask our clients to send us pictures and videos of what’s happening in their shop. We’ll often get pics or videos from one of our shop owners, and they or […]

How To Attract High-End Clients

How To Attract High-End Clients with Shop Marketing Pros image of text with color blobs and a mercedes G Wagen in the background

A common question we get when working with our clients is “What can we do to attract high-end clients who will spend money and actually take care of their cars?” This isn’t one of those questions I can answer with a “do this thing, and this will happen” kind of answer. Attracting high-end clients requires […]

How To Become Well Known In Your Community

How To Become Well Known In Your Community blog by Shop Marketing Pros Kim Walker; image of text and color blobs with image of diverse group of women shaking hands and introducing

If I were to ask you who the most positively known businesses are in your community, I bet you could easily share several names with me. True? Think about it.  When you think about them – think about what they do, how they do it, who they’re connected to and why. I would be willing […]

Are You Washing Your Customer’s Cars?

Main blog image - are you washing your customer's cars?

https://youtu.be/H484WvW7VB8 Sticking with my theme lately of “Is That Really Marketing?” I wanted to have a quick conversation about one of the best things you can do to market your auto repair shop, and that’s washing your customer’s cars. Brian, washing cars is customer service, not marketing. As my son would say, “BET!” Call it […]

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