How To Market Around The Slow Times In Auto Repair

UPDATED ON JUNE 26, 2024 As I write this, it’s October 2023. If you’re reading this years later, don’t worry because the information in this article is timeless. We just came through the summer months and most auto repair shops seemed to do pretty well. In August 2023, we had more clients than ever touting […]

Auto Repair Industry Podcast List

A Complete List of Podcasts for the Automotive Independent Aftermarket I think back to 2002 when I opened my first auto repair shop. I was great at fixing cars but I knew nothing about running a business. I thought coaches were only for athletes, and what the heck is a 20 Group? Sure, we had […]

Why You Need a Proven Process for Your Auto Repair Shop

When people want their car fixed, they don’t just go to any auto repair shop. They look for a business known for its exceptional service quality and ability to deliver outstanding results. Even if that perfectly describes your top-tier automotive service center, potential customers might not know it unless you have a proven process. You can […]

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