Branding Doesn't End With Vectors And Color Palettes

Branding Doesn’t End With Vectors And Color Palettes

The following article was originally published on our main agency website. We’ve gone through the process now of setting up these Google Guarantee Ads for a couple of roofers and they’re seeing great results. We know this is going to be huge for auto repair shops as well. We hope you find value in this article. Let us know if you have any questions about Google Guarantee Ads or the process of becoming verified. The best way to do that is to join our Facebook group – “Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind” – and ask in there, that way others benefit from your questions and comments.


I’ve been asked what makes 5 Stones Media different from other companies that provide similar marketing tools. In a nutshell, we’re a marketing firm that provides numerous, integrated services designed to make the public think a certain way about your brand. We’re focused on the entirety of your brand identity, so while some may think of branding only in terms of logos and official colors, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

By way of example, what comes to mind when you hear the brand name Harley Davison? Yes, the black and orange badge on a motorcycle is part of the brand, but isn’t it more? I think most would agree that emotional, descriptive terms such as freedom, American pride, ruggedness and rebellion are just some of the intangible things that set Harley Davison apart from other motorcycle manufactures. But why does the public associate these things with Harley? With a consistent focus on its brand identity through marketing media, the manufacturer has taught the consumer how to perceive the Harley Davison brand.

The concepts surrounding brand identity have been explored in depth by academics and practitioners alike. But I would fall short if I didn’t highlight the importance of understanding a brand’s culture, or at least the culture it wants to project. It’s the epicenter from which all other elements should reflect.  Many things define a brand’s culture – vision, norms, symbols, language and assumptions, and these are by no means an exhaustive list. Taken together and realized through logos, photography, verbiage, marketing collateral, and social media engagement, a consistent marketing plan built around brand identity will strategically affect the way customers perceive your brand.

There are many qualified web developers, graphic designers, and video producers to choose from. But the 5 Stones difference is that our energy, skill and experience is  focused on creating, building and/or maintaining your brand identity across all media in a way that leaves an indelible impression on consumers. I encourage you to view our client portfolio to see how can we take your brand and make it something more than a logo on your business cards.

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