Friends, we know that the Coronavirus (COVID 19) has shaken our world. Our routines are upside down and no matter how you look at it – businesses are being impacted.

We recently taught a class titled How Do I Market My Shop During a Crisis, where we were able to share tips for what to do right now for your marketing.

You’re an essential business. You’re fortunate to be able to remain open. It is socially responsible for you to do everything you can to prevent the spread and create a safe environment. How are you telling people?

Coronavirus Social Media Graphics Kit graphic

We've created some Coronavirus social graphics you can customize for your own shop.

Below is a link to a set of graphics we created in a template for you to use. You can take this template and add your own logo, customize with your own photos, colors, etc.

We've also created a video tutorial that shows you how to customize the graphics for your shop.

We hope that you will take and use these to educate your audience about what you’re doing at your shop to prevent the spread. To flatten the curve. To maintain a safe and sanitary environment.

Good luck! We hope you find these helpful.

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