Instagram for Shops


Instagram for Shops

Wednesday May 20, 2020
3:00pm CDT

While many of your customers may be on Facebook, the truth is that you may find a happier more engaging experience on Instagram. If your customers are there, then you should be as well. This class will show you first hand what the world of Instagram looks like, how to post, how to use stories, reply, follow others and hashtags and more. A real, ‘live’ explanation that will include tips, best practices and ideas to not only grow your audience, but engage with them as well!

Core concepts introduced include:
Why Instagram?
Content Curation - What to post Instagram
Posting Instagram Stories
Instagram Highlighted Stories
Following others + hashtags
How to know if it is working

Don’t you deserve a thriving business?

Are you tired of trying to attract new clients by offering cheap oil changes only to never see them again? Are marginal profits causing you stress and anxiety? Is shop morale down because your technicians aren’t turning enough hours?