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AASP – Crack the Code: Marketing to Women

AASP - Crack the Code: Marketing to Women

10/16/2021 6 pm
10/17/2021 4 pm

Crack the Code: Marketing to Women – Kim Walker, Shop Marketing Pros

Yes, we are STILL talking about marketing your shop to attract women. Why? Because it is *STILL* relevant. Until shops begin to think about females as their target audience – we will continue teaching how to market with women in mind.
A recent survey by Merrill Lynch shows that 75% of women under 45 make the primary financial decisions in the family. Knowing that, is your marketing speaking to the wants, needs and automotive related problems women have?
In this session, former shop owner Kim Walker will share marketing thoughts, best practices and strategies to help you update your marketing so that you’re speaking to women with a message that lets them know you have listened and care.
Leave this session with a better understanding of:

  • Why you should be marketing with women in mind
  • Where to find them so you can market to them where they are
  • What to say
  • How to say it
  • How to track it
  • Making your shop female friendly


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