13 Foundational Marketing Strategies for Every Shop

13 Foundational Marketing Strategies for Every Shop

In Person Class
Las Vegas, NV

If you’re like most shop owners today you may be easily overwhelmed, distracted by the coolest new marketing tactic or feel it’s just all too complicated. In this interactive session, you’ll learn the strategies which are critical for marketing your repair shop. No bells & whistles: just real world, practical & effective marketing. The class will wrap-up with a specific time dedicated to developing your next steps & preparing you for what to do when you get back to the shop. A snapshot of some of the questions that will be answered are: Can I really do all of this myself? How necessary is a website? Is networking still important? Why is branding such a big deal? Former shop owners, Brian & Kim Walker will tag-team this engaging class to help you leave feeling confident in your next steps. 

This training seminar is geared towards Shop Owners.

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